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  • What is Groupie?
    Workout Groupie is a fun and exciting way to experience group workouts. Using Groupie's Apple Watch exercise app, one or more users can simultaneously connect to a shared display on your Apple TV. Oh, did we mention that those users can be in different locations? That's right! While Groupie can connect multiple users in a single location, it can also connect users working out from anywhere in the world, all in real-time, and all without missing a beat! A heart beat, that is! Each connected user can see their real-time heart rate, performance zone, calories burned, and points earned, all in real-time during their workout.
  • How does Groupie work?
    The Workout Groupie app will be available for TVOS (your Apple TV), WatchOS (your Apple Watch), and iOS (your iPhone). Launch the Groupie app on your Apple TV and start a groupie session. Once started on your Apple TV, simply launch the Groupie app on your Apple Watch to appear on the groupie display. Every groupie sessions has a Group ID that can be used by remote users to connect to a remote group.
  • How can I get Groupie?
    Workout Groupie will be released in early 2021. Sign-up for our email list to be the first to be notified when Groupie is available.
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